Monday, August 13, 2007

%^$#*&$^*##@!! Book

Why, yes, the line edits I actually *wrote down* are in for all 500 pages.

Is the latest rewrite "done"? No, no of course not, because I have about four notes still in my head and then another printing because there's extraneous infodumping that can now come out, somewhere, somehow, because this book should not be over 100K and it's topping out at nearly 108K.

And I am tired and my eyes want to bleed.

Oh, they BLEED.


(on the upside, I only paid $70 for meds today! It was a bloody fucking miracle. I gave them the card, and it was $70! I've never gotten out of there for under $150! Huzzah!)


Edit til Your Eyes Bleed

I don't actively HATE God's War yet, but I'm telling you, with 150 of 500 pages of line edits still to enter, it's starting to get to me.

I must be almost done.

Why I'm A Power Feminist

Because until the world is perfect, you sometimes still have to play dirty:

Armed with my new tips and tricks, I laced up my skates and headed out to face the jungle that is childhood. When the boys confronted me again, I dared them to mess with me. One ballsy kid lunged towards me with the intent of pushing me down. Quickly, I kicked that kid squarely between the legs with my skate. He crumpled to the ground as I hysterically screamed at his friends, “I’LL EAT YOUR EYES! I’LL EAT ALL OF YOUR EYES!” Terrified, those boys got up and ran like Hell. I’ve never felt so empowered in my entire life.

When You're Just Wasting My Time...

I am happy, or at the very least willing, to debate whether or not a certain act, behavior, word, or belief is inherently sexist or misogynistic. I am not, however, willing to debate the importance or necessity of feminism. Honestly, if you really truly think feminism is wrong, or that women just have it made these days and that we should suck it up and be grateful for the rights men have already granted us, then you’re a complete fucking tool. Period. No discussion necessary. I won’t ever entertain the notion, no matter how passionately you argue or how solid you think your points are. To try and argue with me about this would be like trying convince Neo that there is no Matrix....

Pretending to be open to the possibility that I’m a fool for believing what I do is wrong, dishonest, and disrespectful to everyone involved. Being polite and feigning interest, when I’m really thinking “Holy crap, what an indoctrinated, privileged prick he is. Where’s my beer?” is simply no good. Watching an ESPN poker game that I’ve already seen 3 times would be a far more productive, enjoyable, and and honest thing to do.

Visions of Leia

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