Friday, August 11, 2006

I Went to the Gym Today

And I didn't die.

Yay me.

Security, Security, Security

You know, I have some things vital to my own security, myself.

Like, say... insulin. Which I'm not sure how I'm supposed to prove is insulin. Will I have to shoot up right there at the security checkpoint?

Insulin can't get stowed in a cargo hold. It will freeze and die. And then I'll die.

And that will be bad.

Personally, I Always Felt a 4-6 Hour Workday Was Ideal...

I screw off the other half the day as much as possible. Sometimes, like now, I screw off all day. And boy, do I feel better!

Anyway, work is bad for you.

(via punkassblog)

12 Helpful Suggestions for Men Regarding Conduct in Feminist Spaces

I haven't had any trouble with the men who comment here, but I know some feminist bloggers do... So if you're a guy who's interested in posting there or here but a little nervous about it, here's some tips.

(via LJ Feminist Forum)