Monday, May 19, 2008

One For the Road


While at dinner last night with Steph and the Old Man, it was pointed out to me that memorial day weekend is THIS WEEKEND.

This knowledge took a deep moment to sink in while I stared at the calendar.

"I need to change my plane tickets, then," I said calmly.

Because for some reason, I'd assumed Wiscon was always the last weekend of the month. Which it is... the last FULL weekend of the month. But my plane tickets had me leaving Dayton on the 30th and getting back on the 1st. Because I'm retarded, and not all that excited about going.

I managed to get the tickets fixed for an additional $86 (yes, my stimulus check is paying for Wiscon), and now I need to tell my boss I'll be out of here THIS Friday instead of next, but all's fair and good in love, war, and writing conventions, so that's not a big thing.

I'm sure I'll have a fine time, but man, I'm going to miss the weekend. I've been having a really good time.

And lots not even speak of the book that was supposed to be done by now. It's full of suck, and I've been going through and pulling out great chunks of crap. I just want a fucking DRAFT, people.

After Wiscon, I guess.

There goes my expected buffer weekend.