Friday, June 10, 2005

In Which the Protagonist Drinks Cheap Whiskey and Pretends to Fly


Whiskey and Writing night. Welcome to Friday.

Got a bunch of deadlines to hit tonight, some Bad Guy character sketches to do. Finally figured out what exactly it is Nyx was hiding in that womb. Now we've got an assignation, betrayal, firefight, and Queen Nasyaan.

I love what I do.

Friday Beer Blogging

Oh yea.

Sadly, I'm Back Here

Crappily, I also discovered that I didn't have the PTO hours in my bank that I thought I did (paycheck went through today, at which point PTO hours were subtracted that I forgot about). Well, shit, that was silly of me.

Oh well, more fried rice for me come next paycheck time!

June's gonna be a motherfucking shitter moneywise. Gotta pay for all that fun I had in May... This also makes next Friday's PTO suck.

Long live the Corporate Card.