Friday, June 24, 2005

Virtual Kung-Fu

Oh, Sweet. Sign me up:

Kickass Kung Fu: Like Dance Dance Revolution for martial artists

Kickass Kung Fu is a video-game in which you use real martial-arts moves to control an on-screen kung-fu fighter in order to best both human and AI opponents.

Whooot! Blogger's Got a New Way to Upload Pics

Firefly is going to Kick Ass. Zoe is fucking awesome.

Just wanted to say that.

Friday Beer Blogging: It Ain't No Negra Modelo

Was hankering for a beer last night, but stopping at the local liquor joint, I found that they didn't have any of my Negra Modelo. I never nearly didn't bother getting anything at all, but a buddy of mine has a husband who's a beer snob, and he'd recommended a couple other beers. I snagged a six pack of one that looked like something from his list, and bought.


It ain't no Negra Modelo.

What a Sorry State of Affairs

According to my paystub, my "base rate" is $3265.83 per month. I never actually *make* this much money, of course, cause I usually don't bother coming in 40 hours a week, and taxes are harsh (hey, I'm used to taxes in Fairbanks, Alaska - i.e. the government pays *you*), and they automatically take out 3% and put it into my 401(K) plan.

Where, exactly, does all this money go?

Truly one of the great questions of the universe.


I have finally squared the bills with my roommate. I only owe her $38 now, which'll get paid off with the rest of the bills next month (the total at one point was $1338.19 or something like that).

Whew. It was getting wacky there for awhile.

When you have too much fun, the bills start piling up....