Sunday, April 16, 2006

Progress, Finances, etc.

1/3 of line edits done for tDW.

Also, my credit card debt - including buying my emergency computer and the balance left on the old computer - is down to $5700.

If I can get that under 1K someday, that would be oh so sweet.

And does anyone remember the day when the government actually gave them back money? I don't know if that'll ever happen for me again, unless I get uber-rich. Thank god for writing contract jobs, eh? Half for taxes, half for Wiscon.

The universe is forgiving.

Next month, I open a savings account. For real this time.

I'm serious.

And I'm having money automatically transferred to it from my pay check. I've got my binge eating under control. Now it's time for finances.

I will figure this out, dammit.